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What To Do With Aloe-Vera Baby Shoots 


If the aloe plant is getting too big for its pot and is producing offshoots at its base, it’s time to propagate it. 


 overgrown aloe vera

Get its new home ready by preparing a small pot with potting or container mix. 



new container for aloe offshoot 

Dig fingers underneath the soil of the original pot to find where the offshoot meets the base of the mother aloe plant. There are likely roots that are growing from the offshoot. Be careful not to damage these roots. 



separating the offshoot 

Using a sharp knife, cut the offshoot away from the mother plant. It’s best to get an offshoot with roots attached. 



aloe offshoot 

Newly propagated aloes are so cute. You will adore your new plant and take pleasure in finding a new home for it.

Place the offshoot into its new home burying it at least 2 inches deep in the potting soil. 

Water the pot to let the soil settle. Water again in 1 or 2 weeks, making sure that the soil is dry 2 inches below the surface before watering again.


newly potted aloe plant



Written By: Lea  Tran

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