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May 31, 2012  

         Therapeutic Gardening Activity:  

              Planting for Diversity

Planting a garden full of one type of flower, but using many types of varieties can teach us a lot about diversity.

For instance, if you notice the irises below you can see that though they have similarities and are in the same family they are all uniquely different.

You might resonate more with one type than the other, but there is no denying that each one is perfect just the way it is.

Take this lesson into your own life or the lives of your clients. Can you see that in your own family, everyone is a little or a lot different than you are? Everyone looks and thinks in their own way and this makes them beautiful.

To live a full and interesting life, it would be beneficial to try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a change and try to imagine how they view the world. It would be especially mind-broadening to do this for someone in your family who you don’t always resonate well with. What kind of iris are they?

iris 1

This one is tall and elegant.

iris 2

This one is kind of wild, liking splashes of colour.

iris 4iris 3

              This one is child-like and loves to play ‘peekaboo’.

Choose a spot in your garden for one type of flower using many different varieties. A few ideas you can try are irises, tulips, tomatoes, poppies, or sunflowers.

Written By: Lea Tran



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