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                                                                         Janurary 27, 2013




Making Cards Out Of Pressed Flowers  





You can make uniquely creative greeting cards for your friends and family using pressed flowers and a few other materials. These cards are great for those in your life who appreciate pretty homemade things.  


 materials for making cards with pressed flowers



Pressed Flowers 

A Small Paintbrush 

Podge (found at art/craft stores) 

Thick cardstock 

Fine-tipped markers (optional) 


Step 1: Cut and fold your cardstock into your desired card shape and size. 


Step 2: Experiment with different designs using your pressed flowers by placing them onto the cardstock and seeing what looks good to you.   



Some design ideas:  

·         Embellish the card by adding details that will enhance your design using thin tipped markers.     

·         Come up with a theme and make a ‘scene’ of that theme. For instance, a garden theme could include many flowers in a row with a house drawn in the background.  


card with pressed flowers


·         Include just a simple flower on the front of your card along with an inspirational or funny quote. 


pressed flower on card


·         You can include pressed flowers inside your card as well.  


pressed flower on a card





Step 3: Once you have the design laid out the way you like it, take the flowers off the cardstock (try to remember where everything goes – take a digital picture if you think you’ll forget so you can refer back to it later). 


Step 4: using your paintbrush, apply a thin layer of podge onto the areas of your cardstock where your flowers will be placed. Do one area at a time.  


Step 5: carefully place your pressed flowers onto the podged cardstock. The flowers are very delicate so be gentle with them.  


Be patient with yourself! If your pressed flowers break or fold in ways you don’t want them to be creative and improvise. Often, you can fix a broken flower by carefully podging together the broken pieces like a puzzle. It is also fairly easy to cover up a ‘mistake’ with another flower. 


Step 6:  Carefully brush your flowers with a layer of podge. The podge looks like glue but will dry on clear and shiny.  


Step 7: Let your card dry and embellish with drawings, photos, quotes, etc.  


Written By: Lea Tran

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