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Leaf Print Flag Garland

Leaf garland 1

This is a fun garden craft activity you can do that will brighten up your living space.  

5-6 Leaves collected from the ground
Blank white 8.5" x 11" printer paper
Square shaped art paper
Acrylic paint
Paper towels
Glue stick
Hole punch

1. Spend some time collecting leaves outside. 5 or 6 leaves is plenty. Choose them from 2-3 different trees that attract you. 

2. Using 2-3 different colours of acrylic paint, paint the underside of your leaves. We partially mixed 2-3 colours together so that each colour was still visible on its own yet there were areas of blended paint.

Leaf Garland 2 

3. Stamp your leaves onto blank white sheets of paper. You can use a paper towel over your leaf and firmly pat down to ensure that a good amount of paint gets transferred onto the paper.

You can re-use some of the same leaves to make more prints. The number of prints you make depend on how long you want your garland to be.

Leaf garland 3

4. Wait about an hour for these leaf prints to completely dry.  

5. Cut the larger paper into triangular shapes.

leaf garland 4

6. Cut the leaves out into smaller triangular shapes. It’s okay if you cut off some parts of the leaf – you will be adding them back into the design in step 9.

leaf garland 5

7. Glue the smaller triangle onto the larger one. 

8. Cut out the parts of the leaves that were left out in step 6.

leaf garland 6

9. Re-unite the piece back with the rest of the leaf by gluing it onto the larger triangle so that it lines up with the leaf pattern.

leaf garland 7

10. Re-peat steps 5-9 for the rest of your leaf prints. You can choose different colours and patterns of paper to glue the leaves onto, or choose the same coloured paper.

leaf garland 10

11. Punch holes in top of each flag and thread string through them.

leaf garland 8

12. Hang up your garland somewhere it will be seen and appreciated.

leaf garland 9

 By Lea Tran

Lea Tran is a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer and creator of The Path Clearing Process, a life purpose re-discovery program that connects you with your purpose and authentic self with the help of your nature allies. You can download her free video training series, Discover The Path To Your Purpose: Through This One Mindset Shift Nature Teaches by visiting her website:

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