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How To Make A Fall Planter 

While putting together a fall planter, it helps to feel thankful for the abundant harvest that has been gifted to you. Think of all the fresh vegetables, fruit and beautiful flowers that inspired and sustained you during the previous months. Without all of that, you would not be the same nourished person you are right now, reading this. That's something to be thankful for!

The food that sustained you made the moments you were able to enjoy with family and friends possible. And the abundance continues. Here in Guelph, Ontario there are still squash, potatoes, carrots and other root vegetables to harvest and include in a Thanksgiving meal.

Making a fall planter is one way to express your gratitude for nature's abundance. It is also a welcoming sight for your guests.


As I started to gather the materials for my fall planter, I had a song of gratitude in my heart.


To make a fall planter:

1.      Gather materials that will withstand both sunny and frosty weather. My first round of ideas for materials included: cornstalks; young cabbage from my garden; an ornamental kale plant; plastic apples recycled from a previous planter. I decided to put a smaller planter into a larger pot. The reasoning: I didn’t want to use up too much potting soil since the kale and cabbage roots are fairly shallow anyways.

Materials for a fall planter


2.      Next, I played around with different design ideas. The fun part is arranging things and then re-arranging until you have a planter with a composition that is pleasing to the eye. Think about where your planter's home is going to be. If it’s against a wall, you want taller things at the back. If it’s going in a place where it is visible from many angles, you might consider having taller things in the centre of the planter. 

 Arranging a fall planter

3.      Then I started to find other things around the house and garden to include. I wanted more colour, so I found some Chinese lanterns and included multi-coloured squash. If you don’t have interesting fall ornamentals growing in your own garden, visit your local farmer’s market for some unique finds.


Adding colour to a fall planter




Colourful fall planter


If you put your planter near your doorway, your guests will be warmly welcomed. The gratitude you felt while making your planter will flow into them as you welcome them into your home.

Fall Welcome Thanksgiving Planter


 Happy Thanksgiving!

-Lea :)

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