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How To Dry Herbs

Usually, the best time to harvest is just as the plant is beginning to produce flower buds. This is when the leaves will contain the greatest concentration of essential oils. Exceptions are when flowers, rather than leaves are required  . Chamomile flowers can be harvested as soon as they open. Lavender blossoms can be harvested when they are in bud, before the flowers open.

Harvest on a sunny day after the dew has dried. Cut to the lowest set of clean leaves. Discard discoloured leaves, debris, and insects.

It's such a gift to be able to harvest the herbs that you have cared for and joyfully watched grow to maturity.

The act of harvesting makes you feel like Mother Nature provides us with abundance.



Step 1:

Take 4-5 stems, turn them upside down and tie an elastic band around them. Twist the elastic around and around until there is just one more loop to go around.

Step 2:

drying herbs 2
Put the stems behind a clothes hanger. Pull the elastic band underneath and to the front of the hanger. Twist one more time...

Step 3:
drying herbs 4
then pull the elastic up and over the stems. Elastic bands are great because as the stems dry and shrink, the elastic bands also release their tension so that the stems don’t fall to the ground.

Step 4:

Hang up the herbs in a dry room, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Bunches should be taken down and stripped as soon as they are dry, when the leaves are crispy and the stems are brittle. Most herbs will take between 5 and 15 days to dry. They can be put into glass jars or cardboard boxes with tight-fitting lids. Store them away from sunlight, moisture, and insects.

Note : the herbs will shrink when they dry, so make sure you harvest enough for your needs.


Written By: Lea Tran

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