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Creating A Fall Flowering Container

Quick and Simple Idea

The idea started when my friend moved to Guelph and I needed to get her a housewarming gift. I mentioned to her that I wanted to create a fall container for her new home and asked her what colours she would like. At this time of the year there are many warm colours visible in nature: orange, yellow, brown and red. I was able to incorporate fall colours in her container with the focus being on the colour pink, as she requested. Take a look at what I was able to accomplish. I hope this idea will inspire you to create a beautiful container.

cast iron urn

The best place to find material at this time of the year is a local nursery or garden centre. They will have a better selection of plants suitable for Fall. I used four plants for this container: pink chrysanthemum, sedge, sedum and ornamental kale. For decoration I added a mini pumpkin.

pink chrysanthemum


mini pumpkin

ornamental kale

The tallest plant,the sedge, was planted closer to back. The medium plants, ornamental kale and pink chrysanthemum, were planted in the middle. The low trailing sedum was planted in the front, right beside the mini pumpkin. These plants will tolerate the colder night tempertures and frost. The chrysanthemum flowers will start turn brown after a heavy frost.


I really enjoy the mix of colours, shapes and textures in this container.

fall container

Happy Growing,

Trina Alix


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