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An Eco-Friendly Way To Start Seeds Indoors Using Recycled Materials


1. With a push pin, poke several holes in the bottom of the yogurt containers. The yogurt containers will be the pots that you will plant your seeds in. 

yogurt container reused as container for seedlings 

2. Cut the juice/milk containers in half. These will be the trays that your pots sit in.

soymilk container reused for seedlings


3. Add your potting soil to the yogurt containers and plant your seeds according to the seed company’s instructions. Water after planting.



4. Put your seed trays on top of the fridge for warmth. Check on your seeds every day to make sure they don’t dry out. Water if it feels or looks like the soil is drying out. If it’s still wet, there’s no need to water.

watering seedlings in reused yogurt containers

5. Once your seeds germinate, move them to the sunniest spot in the house.

germinated seeds


6. Surround all windowless sides of your seedlings with a wall of aluminum foil in order to maximize the amount of sunlight that your seedlings get. You can make a wall by wrapping foil around cardboard.

maximize seedlings with aluminum

7. Once your seedlings get larger, you can transplant them to your re-usable plastic sandwich bags. Add potting soil to the sandwich bags and carefully transplant each seedling into its own bag, being careful not to damage the roots or the leaves. You can use the end of a fork or spoon to help ease the seedling from the yogurt container.

seedlings in reused bags

8. Add more potting soil to the sandwich bags after transplanting as needed to make   sure each seedling is well supported and happy in its new home.


9. Using a push pin, poke holes in the bottom of the plastic bags for proper drainage.

10. Return the seedlings, now in plastic bags, back to their “aluminum wall house with window”.


11. Water the seedlings to make sure they settle in nicely.

12. Also remember to ‘harden off’ your seedlings before planting them outside by gradually exposing them to sunlight starting about a week before planting. 

13. Save up empty yogurt containers, large tetra-pack juice/milk containers, and previously used small plastic sandwich bags.

Written By: Lea Tran

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