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 Decorating Grapevine Wreaths

With Strawflowers

Helichrysum bracteatum or Strawflower is an annual that produces bright coloured flowers with a straw-like texture. Strawflower is a wonderful plant for Horticultural Therapy because of its many uses: sensory stimulation, planting, harvesting and crafts. Look for it in a garden centre this spring and plant it in the garden.

grapevine wreath with strawflowers

This project can be divided into three parts:

  1. Plant strawflowers end of May in a garden, raised flower box or container. Plant in full sun.
  2. Harvest and dry strawflowers through out the summer. These plants will continuously produce flowers. Dry the flowers on a plastic tray or hang them upside down. Check out the article How To Dry Herbs for more information on how to dry strawflowers.
  3. Decorate a grapevine wreath using the dried strawflowers and other materials. Grapevine wreaths are available at craft stores.

pine cone with wire attachedstrawflower with wire attacheddried eucalyptus

Glue guns can be difficult to use with some groups. Try using thin wire to attach material to the wreath. To do this, wrap wire around the base of the flower and twist tightly. To save time during the activity, attach the wire to the flowers and other material beforehand. Allow participants to decide where to put the decorative material on the wreath. Other materials that can be added to the wreath include dried herbs, pinecones, bows or eucalyptus.

Happy Growing,

Trina Alix




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