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Collecting Seeds


What's In Your Seed Collection This Fall? 


Packaged seeds


This is a great time of year to collect seeds from your favorite flowering plants. Allow the flowers that you wish to collect seeds from to die back, turn brown and crispy while still on the plant. Pick the "spent" flowers and allow them to air dry on a tray before removing the seeds. 

Drying seeds collected from the garden

Put the seeds into envelopes and label them with the plant name and date. Store seed packages in a cool, dark and dry place. Don't forget to collect some seeds from vegetable plants too. Plants such as beans and peas have pods that should be picked when they turn brown and crispy while still on the plant. Open the pods to remove the seeds and air dry for several days before putting into an envelope.

Collecting tomato seeds is a little bit more complicated requiring fermentation to remove the slimy tissue around the seed. Click here to learn more about how to save tomato seeds.

Collecting seeds from your garden, even from just one plant, with intentions to plant the following year is one way to make your garden a little more sustainable. What a wonderful feeling of freedom not having to rely on an outside source to purchase plants for your you already have the seeds to start your own plants.


Merriam-Webster dictionary defines sustainable as being able to last or continue for a long time.

As I look at the seeds that I collected from the garden, I think about the "seeds" that have developed in my own life over the past growing season. Think of events or situations that have happened over the past growing season in your own life. Both "good" and "bad" things have occurred.

Now imagine those events or situations as flowers that have now gone to seed. Collect the seeds from experiences that brought you joy, strength, wisdom, balance and inspiration.

Collect seeds from experiences that taught you how to have self compassion and patience. Collect seeds that helped you to forgive.

Save these seeds with intentions to plant them again. The more you collect seeds from the experiences in your life, the more sustainable your life will become. What a wonderful sense of freedom it is not having to rely on an outside source for all these already have them within you.

seeds from the garden of life

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