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Cloches For Indoor Plants 

Canada Blooms 2013

Glass cloches with plants and flowers appeared to be a popular item at Canada Blooms 17th annual flower and garden festival. They were incorporated in floral designs based on this year’s theme “Magic Of Spring”.

glass cloches with plantsglass cloche with a flower

Cloches provide outdoor plants, such as seedlings, protection from the colder temperatures in the Spring. They can also be used to protect tender houseplants that benefit from humid environments. Cloches are usually bell shaped and come with a base but there are different kinds like one above with a flower in it.

There is something intriguing about plants in a terrarium or glass cloche. As I look at them I imagine a miniature world safely enclosed within. My experience at Canada Blooms this year inspired me to create my own miniature garden under glass, seen in the picture below. Within the cloche there is an orchid, a maiden hair fern, a baby’s/angel’s tears and an ivy.

Trina with glass cloche

How To Create A Miniature Garden Under A Cloche

1. Select a cloche suitable for your planting project. I choose a medium cloche for four small plants. A cloche can be used for a single potted plant.

glass cloche for houseplants

2. Choose plants that are suitable for a humid/moist environment and tend to stay small in size. I choose an orchid, a maiden hair fern, a baby’s tears and an ivy.

3. Place rocks on the base for drainage.

how to plant in a cloche

4. Take plants out of their pots and put them on top of the rocks. Remove excess soil and roots from the plants to help fit them within the cloche. I didn't require extra soil for planting.

indoor plants suitable for a clochecreating a cloche with indoor plants

5. Carefully place the cloche over the plants, trying to keep the soil and leaves within.  Water using a stick to guide the water around the cloche within.

how to water plants in a cloche

6. Put the cloche near a bright window with very little direct sunlight. Long periods of exposure to direct sunlight may cause the leaves to burn and cause the temperature to become too warm within the cloche.

7. The cloche helps retain moisture keeping the soil moist longer than regular potted plants. Water once every few weeks.

cloche with houseplants


Happy Growing,

Trina Alix



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